Black Fire Energy Spa 30 Minute Session


Treat your Aura to a Black Fire Energy Spa with the Violet Flame Integrator

Made by Tommie Mercer – the only one in Canada!

What is it?

A Highly Advanced Energy Tool used to neutralize & dissolve negative energy from the body’s molecular structures.

Gives you access to pure astral fire “fire” means life energy, the kundalini power.

Tommie Mercer designed the Integrator in 1976 to reset and re-establish the entire bio-electric structure of the aura.  This is Tommie’s most powerful integrator designed with a pure violet amplifier.

Generally, one can expect about 72 hours of changes after which meditation is useful for discovering any new shifts.

Sessions are 30 minutes and can be repeated for tune ups and more energy in the aura as needed.

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Limited Time Only:  $75/30 minute session