The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer works to realign and optimize the body’s vital electrical field. Essentially it transforms artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, thereby neutralizing their negative impact. The Enhancer transforms damaging radiation, not by eliminating it, but by softening or adjusting its harmful properties.

The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer also balances and harmonizes the energies called 5G and AI. 5G is the 5th generation of cell phone transmission wave lengths, while AI is a computer based artificial intelligence. Since it is not actually artificial we choose to call it TI, or Technical Intelligence.


When we test the rate of emissions with a valid testing meter the reading is usually constant before and after installing the Enhancer as it does not block emissions or suffocate the device.

When testing the emitting devices using a pendulum or other dowsing tool, you/we normally get a negative or a “no” reading as no Enhancer has been installed. After adding the Enhancer the reading on the pendulum changes to either neutral or in most cases positive. Since one intention of the ENHANCER is: “To adjust the spin to render harmless-True”, the emissions are co-creatively harmonized. The pendulum test shows this adjustment. The emissions are no longer testing negative.

Are you making friends or enemies?

Your electric/electronic devices will work with you as they work for you.

If you are blocking, shielding, or suppressing your phone, computer or other electric appliance , you are in essence telling it you don’t like the way it works. Is it any wonder that its emissions harm you. Man created it the way it is.

Also remember if you try to block in these energy patterns you are forcing the device into an unnatural operating mode and it will either expire/fail prematurely, or it will find a way around these shields. Be aware also that you are living in an electromagnetic soup which is unnatural for your electrochemical body.This is likely causing undue stress on your body including its auric field.
The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer is designed to adjust the spin of these energies to a neutral or even positive spin. Try one today and feel the difference.

The Enhancer comes in the form of a 7/8 inch self adhesive dome. It is easily applied to any emitting device and establishes a new harmonic relationship. Since you can’t/won’t live without these technologies why not make friends with them. The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer is designed to facilitate this mutually beneficial relationship.

The Enhancer is now also available in a 3.5″ x 3.5″ Large model (not adhesive) for use in computer and electrical rooms as well as in areas where the EMF interference levels are extra high.

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