Krystaline Pyramid 7”


Made of 1/8 Inch Rod

Everything is energy. Each form or shape generates its own unique energy or frequency that is appropriate for use in certain applications. The pyramid form is fundamental to the universe. It is one of the five platonic solids from which all other geometry is generated. The pyramid can be a powerful tool in our growth and awakening.


Many factors contribute to the specific energy being generated by a pyramid: its’ shape, the angle of its sides, and the material it is composed of are all relevant. Different shapes of pyramids generate different resonant fields and do different jobs. We have designed the Krystaline pyramids to be the most appropriate for balancing the energy in our bodies, and helping to awaken our latent abilities.


Our pyramids are made of certain metals and layered with specific additional metals in order to increase their field strength and to add particular beneficial vibrations. The Krystaline pyramids are made with copper, brass, and silver, and are then plated with nickel, gold, and rhodium. Copper and brass harmonize our energy field. Silver balances the upper three chakras with the lower three. 24 carat gold plating enables the pyramid to be used omni-directionally. Rhodium adds field strength and has known healing properties. The total combination of metals creates a strong orgone energy field which can be very therapeutic.(Ref. Dr. Wilhelm Reich).