Neutralization Ring and Sun Ring Power Pack Set – 9″Gold


The Krystaline Rings can help you to have a healthier and more vibrant body.

Our external world has become increasingly toxic with chemicals in our food and air, and electromagnetic pollution from all of our technology.

The Rings can help to offset this.

Hippocrates said “Make your food your medicine.” Unfortunately, our food today has much negative energy that is structured into it at the molecular level.  The negativity comes from many sources: chemicals, polluted air and water, vibrations from processing equipment, microwave radiation, electrical radiation and negative attitudes.  All of this is toxic to our physical bodies.

The Krystaline Rings remove this negative structuring and replaces it with positive structuring. For example, food treated with the Rings then becomes more therapeutic.  The bio-energy field of food is normally approximately 6 to 18 inches.  The Krystaline rings can raise this to as much as 25 FEET!