Platinum Sun Rings

Platinum Sun Rings

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The Krystaline Sun
A Mini Radionics System

The Krystaline Sun is an orgone energy tool.
Layered metals and geometry generate its’ field.

☼ Place food or beverage on the Sun for 5 seconds.
Notice a taste improvement.

☼ Whatever is placed in the centre of the Sun will be broadcast into the room and into your food and beverage.

Suggestions: vitamins, food supplements,
gemstones, essential oils, intention notes.

☼ Place the Sun on sore or weak areas of your body.
Leave as long as feels appropriate.

☼ Place the Sun in your bath water.
Enjoy a relaxing bath.

☼ Hang the Sun on a wall to fill the room with
“Sunshine Energy”.
The Krystaline Rings structure water. Structured water releases stable oxygen and it delivers this oxygen to the cells to a greater degree than ordinary water. Structuring lowers the surface tension of water, which greatly improves its’ hydrating properties. Smaller molecules lower surface tension and make a huge difference when it comes to absorption. Water preferred by human cells is structured into small clusters containing 5 to 20 molecules. The Sun Ring structures 9 levels deep. The deeper the structuring, the more complex the clustering of the molecules. This creates very small clusters, and gives the water a very high potency to do what it does much better.

  • Why are the Krystaline rings the best way to structure your food and water?
  • Instructions for the Sun Rings
  1. The Neutralization Ring clears negative structuring.
  2. The Sun Ring structures positive energy NINE LAYERS DEEP! Most structuring tools or devices can only go three or four layers deep. The deeper the structuring, the more beneficial the food and water become.


Food: Food that is structured digests better, with less energy required to process the food. Nutrition is absorbed more efficiently.


Water: Water that is structured is more beneficial to your body.


Supplements placed in the Sun Ring have more potency. This provides more healing for less cost.

After clearing with the Neutralization Ring, place whatever you wish to structure on ( or in) the Sun Ring for 4 or 5 seconds. It is now structured 9 layers deep.

Body: The Sun Ring can be placed on painful areas of the body. Placing essential oils in the ring, such as peppermint, will synergize with the ring to create a more powerful healing system. Gemstones may also be used. Shungite is recommended because it is so interactive. Hold a piece in your hand and direct your intent into it. For example you can say “please vibrate the necessary frequencies to balance and heal my knee”. Then place the shungite in the Sun Ring and hold them both on your knee for faster, deeper results.

The Sun Ring is a broadcaster and negative ion generator. 

  1. Place the ring on a wall. Sensitive people will feel a positive, uplifting charge going into the room.
  1. Place the Ring on a counter or by your bed. Whatever is placed into the Sun Ring will be broadcast into the room for a radius of approximately 20 feet. Gemstones, essential oils, herbs, and flower essences are examples of what can be placed in the Sun Ring.
  1. Clear and charge water in the bathtub for an extra relaxing experience. Place the Sun Ring in your bathtub for the time you are enjoying your bath. The Sun Ring can also be placed over your shower head while you are showering.
  1. The Krystaline Sun Ring may be used as a mini Radionics system:

Place your intention into the ring. This may be done by

a] writing it on a piece of paper and then placing it in the ring.

b] energizing a gemstone such as shungite with your intent and placing it into the ring

c] placing your index finger into the ring while thinking your intent.

d] placing vitamins or any healing method into the ring