Rhodium Neutralization Rings

Rhodium Neutralization Rings

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The Neutralization Ring is adapted from the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing System – “a spiritual healing system to awaken the body’s own healing power”. The entire system is based on forms which emanate the subtle vibrations of Mother Nature’s Healing Forces. Exactly how it works defies current explanation at the physical level. That it does work is well proven. It is our hope that you will experience the uplifting and healing energies of the Neutralization Ring. The spreading and the sharing of this system is encouraged as we empower ourselves to regain our health and our vitality.

We have found that the Neutralization Ring is effective for anyone, since it can be used on all food and beverage, on electrical appliances, and directly on the body.

In quantum physics, it is understood that every form, thought, and encounter emanates a specific energy. Some of these energies are therapeutic and are called Healing Energies: others are negative and cause disharmony. It is more important than ever that we recognize the effect of these negative vibrations on our “beingness”. Since we live in a world of ever increasing technological advances, we also live in a world in which we are bombarded by vibrations that adversely affect our physical , mental and emotional systems.

Our food, beverage, and supplements pick up unwanted vibrations in many ways: processing, addition of chemicals, handling, packaging, shipping, and cooking are some of these ways. Radio waves, microwaves, heating elements, and machine frequencies all disrupt the harmonics of our food and supplements. Even the thoughts of those who have handled them add a subtle resonance to the products that we receive – food cooked with love tastes better.

Artificial lighting, radio waves, T.V. waves, power lines, cellular phones and computers generate fields that are non-harmonic with the electrical fields of our bodies. We are constantly inundated with energies that lower our vibrational frequencies, and thus lower our well-being.

The Neutralization Ring is designed, through its‘ specific geometry and sequenced layers of metals, to neutralize these non-harmonious vibrations. Now, negative vibrations can be neutralized quickly and easily.

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Simply place your food, beverage, or supplements on top of the Neutralization Ring for 2 or 3 seconds just before consuming. This serves to remove the unwanted vibrations. Often, you will notice a distinct difference in the taste of your food or beverage. Tap water is an excellent example. A slight chemical taste is apparent to most people. Once the water has been neutralized, taste again. There is an added vitality. After you have neutralized your food, beverage, or supplement, it is ready to consume. If you bless or charge your food in any way, it is appropriate to do so after removing it from the Neutralization Ring. You will notice that if you charge it with the Beamer (another Krystaline product), crystals, magnets, etc., the charge will penetrate more fully since the Neutralization Ring has helped to remove any “interference” energy.

Warning: Do not use for Homeopathic remedies. Since these products are already working at subtle energetic levels, you do not want to remove their energetic fields.

Simply place the Neutralization Ring on the area of your body that is experiencing pain or inflammation. You may notice a pulling sensation as the inharmonious vibrations are being lifted from your body. Hold for as long as feels appropriate. Use your intuition as a guide - generally 15-30 seconds is adequate. If you have a Beamer, the Beamer is more effective when used after the area has been treated with the Neutralization Ring.

Hold the ring between the palms of both hands. Most people experience the sensation of “heat” or “pulsing” as they become aware of the effect of the Neutralization Ring. Since most of the electrical meridians in our bodies end in our hands, this gives a good overall clearing. If you have sore feet, place the ring under each foot until you feel that it has finished pulling the negative energies. A few minutes is generally sufficient to notice a change.

If you are doing massage, Touch for Health, acupressure or other bodywork, place the ring on/under the area to be treated prior to the treatment. You will feel less resistance in most cases.

Placing the Neutralization Ring in your bath water for a few seconds greatly improves the energy of the water.

The Neutralization Ring may be placed on any electrical appliance to greatly reduce the negative energies emanating from these devices. Place a ring under your T.V. set and feel the difference. It is very effective when placed on a computer hard drive, and/or the computer monitor. The Ring can be placed under telephones, radios, or clock radios to reduce the negative vibrations from these appliances. Rings work best in pairs.

All objects are affected by negative vibrations. You may Neutralize your cleansers, soaps, cosmetics, and other personal products. Other suggestions for clearing are: medications, crystals, fertilizers, and food and water for pets. You may use the Neutralization Ring for any object that you wish to clear. Simply place the substance to be cleared on the Neutralization Ring for 2 to 3 seconds. The Ring is most effective when placed “under” the substance to be cleared, rather than “on top of” the substance. (The ring is a sufficient size to neutralize any dish or container.)