The Solarizer Beamer

The Solarizer Beamer

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The Solarizer Beamer combines the harmonizing properties of the Solarizer with the meridian balancing properties of the Beamer. This high resonance energy field enables our bodies to shift to a higher and more balanced vibratory rate. The higher our vibratory rate, the more we move toward vitality and awareness in life. The Solarizer Beamer is comprised of a Beamer mounted in a 7 pyramid configuration called a Solarizer. It embraces a combination of the understandings of Sir Walter Russell (octave orientation), Dr. Wilhelm Reich (orgone energy), and form energy (geometry) to produce a harmonic and balancing energy field.

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The Solarizer Beamer is comprised of form energy (pyramids and star), metal layering (orgone energy) and a Beamer (piezoelectric field). These together create a subtle electric field. Pyramids are accumulators of energy, and each pyramid in the Solarizer sets up a vortex energy field. The configuration of pyramids sets up a cluster of vortexes that is able to duplicate much of the energy spectrum of the Sun: visible light is but a small portion of the Sun's electromagnetic energy spectrum. The Solarizer is "driven" by a six point interwoven star acting as another subtle energy amplifier. The Beamer and the Solarizer synergistically combine to create a greater and wider bandwidth of energy than that of either one alone. This field emanates from the apex of the Solarizer and out through the base, spreading out in a lampshade fashion. When bathed in this field, the aura or electromagnetic field around the body absorbs a subtle trickle charge. This helps to open and balance our subtle energy pathways, giving increased vitality. Electrical appliances, especially computers, emit positive ions which impede meridian flow. The Solarizer Beamer emits high frequency negative ions which improve vitality. Meridian testing using electro-dermal screening has shown the field can significantly improve meridian balance.

Just as you would monitor the time you spend outside in the sun, it is initially important to monitor the time you spend directly in the field of the Solarizer Beamer.


Most people are going to have a cleansing response whether they can feel the field or not. Begin slowly until you can comfortably spend a few hours in the field. The normal acclimatization time is from 2 to 7 days, but it can be longer. Some will experience increased sleep time, and possible short term fatigue while toxins are eliminated from the body. Others may feel centered and vitalized immediately. Each person has their own unique response.

Enhance the energy of the space you are in. The Solarizer Beamer emits a highly resonant field that is sufficient to uplift the energies of a home or workplace. Many people report that they feel calmer, more balanced and energized, while in a room in which it is located. Hang it on a hook from the ceiling, or place it on the floor or furniture with the tip of the Beamer pointing outward into the room.




Charge your food and beverage with the energy of the Solarizer Beamer prior to consuming them. This is accomplished by holding the Solarizer with the bottom approximately one foot away from the substance to be "beamed". One or two seconds is sufficient time. This places the highly resonant energy into the food. Tests show that "beamed" food is more balancing to the body. “Beaming” also improves your bathwater.


Beam your nutritional products and supplements to enhance their potency and to make them more balancing and assimilable to your body. Often, less dosage is required for the same effect. Muscle test before and after "beaming" for verification.


Open the flow of energy within your body by sitting, working, and/or sleeping in the field of the Solarizer Beamer. Hang it above your work/sleep location or lay it on its' side with the Beamer aimed toward you. This facilitates the balancing of the meridians in your body and the opening of the chakras. Most people report enhanced sleep/dream patterns while sleeping in this field. Kirlian photography demonstrates that the average increase in the aura, or life-energy field, is in the range of 35-40%. This increases the energy available to the body for it's well-being. Electro-dermal screening shows that the meridians are moved toward a more balanced state.


Love-making is enhanced in the field of the Solarizer Beamer as the chakras are opened and the meridian flow of energy is improved. Senses can be heightened when energy is flowing through open meridians.


Clear negativity from your emotions while in the energy field. It is much harder to maintain negative emotions while in this field. The resonance acts like a filter to neutralize/balance the energy of negative thought forms.


Plant productivity is improved by hanging the Solarizer Beamer over plants and by "beaming" the water used to water or spray plants.

Animals can also benefit from the Solarizer Beamer. Pets find the energy calming and balancing. “Beam” their food and water for them.

The Solarizer Beamer is an effective broadcast device for aromatherapy essences, for essential oils, botanicals and homeopathic remedies. By placing a drop on the shaft of the Beamer, you are broadcasting their energy. Shine light, &/or place crystals, gemstones, or magnets on the Beamer to further enhance the energy of your room.

Enhance your meditations. Balanced meridians improve the ability to become centered and connected. The Solarizer Beamer facilitates your light body connection. The high resonant field can initiate one into states of consciousness not previously attained.

Sound quality can be improved with a Solaraizer Beamer. Place it on the amplifier or speaker of your stereo system and hear/feel the difference.


Become interactive with the Solarizer Beamer. Since it is a transducer of energy, waveforms can be amplified through it. Heart energy is proven to be 14 times stronger than the waveforms from the head. Send love energy through the Solarizer Beamer, and feel the difference. Enhance massage, reiki, reflexology, chiropractic, and other body treatments while in its’ field.

Sweep your aura to do an overall meridian balance. When a person’s energy is low, stand holding the base of the Solarizer Beamer approximately a foot away from them. Have them stand facing you. Then, begin aiming the base at a position on the floor below their feet, and in a smooth, slow sweeping motion, raise the base parallel to their body past their legs, through the torso to the top of the head. End the sweep above their head. Remember to have kept the base parallel to their body for the entire sweep. Three to four sweeps would be minimal. Do as many sweeps as feels appropriate. Then do the same sweeping process again, but sweep up their back instead of the front of them. When a person wants calming and grounding, sweep from above the top of the head to a position on the floor below their feet.