VEW (Vortically Enhanced Water) 4oz = 750 gallon supply




Lightning in a Bottle!

Hypercharged Distilled Water by Starchamber Products.

4oz dropper yields 750 gallons!

Add 2 drops (.15ml) per gallon to distilled water.

VEW distilled water is made in a 200 gallon commercial distillation unit capable,of,purifying water under one part per million of any matter. We then hold the water in the tank after distillation and apply a charging device around the side of the holding tank. The charger is left over night transferring natural energy to the water structures in the tank.

This is done by utilizing natural stones collected from Volcanic, beach and a huge variety of components inside the charger all resonating at their own frequencies and joined together to created a strong vortical geomagnetic current in the distilled water atomic core causing it to spin rapidly by natural magnetic vortexes built into the minerals naturally. By collecting certain minerals and arranging them in a network selected from crop circles designated for the purpose, we end up with a natural water that would be found in the Earth many thousands of feet below with the Earth itself creating these forces until we process them out. VEW simply re-establishes and enhances these forces for health and awareness.