The Krystaline G

The Krystaline G

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The Krystaline G is a great geomancy tool. Like a pyramid or a 6 pointed star, the G is a powerful collector and broadcaster of energy. It is a form energy device that has the ability to balance and harmonize the energies of any space.

The Krystaline technology has enabled us to produce a small, inexpensive, and yet very powerful tool that can assist anyone wishing to practice Geomancy/Feng Shui in their own environment. Its’ simplicity is profound in that it can be placed anywhere in a room and be very effective. No training is necessary.

The shape of the G has been used since ancient times as a way of channeling energy. It is our understanding that the G is a stylized form of the Golden Spiral – the fundamental geometry through which creation unfolds. The G resonates your space to that form and in doing so, helps to restore it to balance and harmony. The Krystaline G is created using the metals brass, copper, and silver. It is then finish plated in 24 carat gold. Both sacred geometry and orgone energy combine to create its’ overall effect.

  • Why Use a G?
  • How to Balance a Room
  • Vehicle Application
  • Computer Application

We live in a world that is increasingly enmeshed in electromagnetic “smog”. We are all affected by frequencies from radio waves, T.V. waves, cell phones, radar, and microwaves.   Most rooms are adversely affected by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from electrical appliances within those rooms . Negative Earth vortices and ley lines add further to the disruptive energies impacting us. All of these influences can negatively affect our auric field and our overall well being. This subtle disruption can manifest as disharmony in our body and in our emotions, difficulty with mental focus, unsettled sleep patterns, and a variety of other complaints. The G is an excellent tool to bring our space back to a “quiet” zone and to make it more harmonious with the energy fields of our bodies.

One G is recommended for each room that you wish to harmonize. It will be effective anywhere in the room but is the most efficient in the south east quadrant. The G may be placed vertically but we have found that it is more powerful when placed flat on the floor. When standing in the middle of the room and looking at it, the G should be readable as a G with the bottom oriented to the centre of the room. Optimal is angled 45 degrees to the south and east walls. People who have had trouble sleeping due to disruptive fields in their bedrooms have reported that they can sleep comfortably and deeply after placing a G in their bedroom.

Place a G anywhere in your vehicle - the trunk, under a floor mat or on the seat beside you. Sensitive people will feel the difference.

The G may be placed under the hard drive or under the monitor (the hard drive would be preferable). This helps to balance the negative energy being emitted by the computer and also balances the room. Another G is not required for that room.