Aura Analysis 60 Minute Session


60 Minute Complete Aura & Chakra Assessment $120

  • Energy Analysis of your Chakra System & breakdown of your aura (your energy field)
  • Full Body Aura Image
  • Organ Energy Analysis – There are 49 sensors on the hand plate that are simultaneously picking up energy from every organ and gland measurable through the surface of your hand. Every organ that beams out from you is a frequency which is why we have several colours in an aura. So with this, we can see the vitality of every organ and gland in colour as well in a linear format. A full organ analysis chart and graph is included with this option.
  • Colour energy recommendations for improving chakras & organ vitality.

Includes a printed Aura Image as well as an emailed copy with your chakra values, aura booklet and suggested colour energy remedies to improve aura vitality.

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