Cell Phone EMF Protection Patch – Shungite


The Shungite Cell Phone EMF protection patch is a rectangular wafer of shungite with a sticky back and can be easily applied to cell phones, computer monitors, radios etc.

Extremely low frequency radiation (ELFR) is a harmful form of radiation that is present in our everyday lives at work and home. Common household devices such as CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS, MICROWAVES, CORDLESS PHONES, to name a few, have proven to leak ELFR that is harmful to our immune system.

Shungite, a natural mineral from Russia, effectively eradicates the harmful ELFR and protects our Biofield to ensure optimum health.  While conducting experiments in new medical technologies, scientists at the Tula Research Institute in Russia discovered that shungite’s shielding properties diminish the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Specifically, its’ fullerene structure makes shungite suitable as a shielding screen against the pathogenic influence of electromagnetic radiation.