Divinity Rings

Divinity Rings

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It is a universal symbol that has appeared throughout recorded history and it transcends all cultures. It is iconographical in Australia, the Americas, Asia , Africa and Europe. This basic shape has been known as the Medicine Wheel, the True Cross, the Sacred Hoop, the Sacred Circle, the Wheel Cross and the Circle Cross. The meanings attributed to this symbol have been as varied as its’ name. It has been known to represent the four directions, the four races, the four stages of human growth ( from baby to elder), the four cycles of life throughout creation, the four elements, and the four seasons.


The Krystaline Divinity Ring utilizes the principles of sacred geometry and piezoelectric fields. Each Ring is hand crafted with brass rod and is then plated with various precious metals. Two options are provided for the final layer of plating – 24 carat gold or platinum. Gold provides a feminine energy while the platinum provides a masculine energy. At different times, we will resonate more to one than the other.   The Divinity Rings are effective in pairs – a gold and a platinum ring together create a powerful electrical field ( like a battery) which can be very beneficial. All rings are available in   4 inch or   13 inch diameter. The Divinity Ring assists the integration of spiritual energies into our conscious awareness and our physical being.

  • Chakras
  • Chakra Application
  • Meditation
  • Other Applications

Since chakras are the main energy centres of our physical bodies, they are of great importance to our overall well being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Divinity Ring helps to open and to balance these chakras.

Envision your chakras open and flowing as you do the following:


  1. Place the Divinity Ring on or above each chakra until the chakra feels as opened and balanced as is appropriate. Focus on bringing all chakras into balance. The goal is to maintain balance in your energy centers rather than fully opening one while others remain blocked.


  1. Place or hold the Divinity Ring above your head. This placement helps to open your 8th Chakra and allows its’ energy to flow more freely into your physical energy centres.


  1. Remember that you have a zero chakra at the base of your feet. While you are allowing the flow of your higher energy to come into your body, feel it also running through your zero chakra and grounding into the Earth. At the end of your session, you may wish to place the Divinity Ring alternatively under the ball of each foot to facilitate grounding.


  1. As you become aware of the energy in your chakras, and the flow between your chakras, you can slowly sweep a Ring from head to toe, or the reverse, whichever feels most appropriate.

You may use the rings in pairs by placing one behind a chakra while the other is in front of the chakra. You may also stand with a ring between your feet while you hold the other over your head.

Meditate with the Divinity Ring and experience what is appropriate for you at the time. As you continue to grow and evolve, the meditations will change - different meanings will arise in your consciousness. The circle may represent Unity or Oneness. The Cross may focus you on separation through division, or it may symbolize a meeting in the center (a drawing in or a focusing of awareness into one point). The sacred view of the Mayan and the North American indigenous peoples is that Spiritual qualities arrive in the Material World from each direction. When we “ centre” we can see and hear “Spirit” by reading the information coming in from the directions. You may choose to explore centering with the Divinity Ring.

  • Charge your food or beverage by placing it on or over the Divinity Ring for 2 to 3 seconds. It will be imbued with the Divinity Vibration. With pairs, you may hold a ring above your food while it is charging on the one below.
  • Charge your bedroom with Divinity Ring energy. Hang a ring on the wall, place one beside your bed (or one on either side of your bed), place one under your pillow - whatever feels right for you.
  • Hang the Divinity Ring in any room to provide an uplifting energy. A gold ring on one wall and a platinum ring on the opposite wall creates a very uplifting space – please note that this may be too powerful initially.
  • Place the Divinity Ring under your chair while you sit on it.
  • Place the Divinity Ring(s) in the bathtub to charge the water while you bathe.
  • Sit or lie between 2 Divinity Rings – we have found that the most beneficial configuration is to have the platinum on the left side and the gold on the right side- feel what is best for you.
  • Play with your creativity and use the Divinity Rings as you feel drawn.