Sun Rings 4″ & 9″ Gold


The Krystaline Sun
A Mini Radionics System

The Krystaline Sun is an orgone energy tool.
Layered metals and geometry generate its’ field.

☼ Place food or beverage on the Sun for 5 seconds.
Notice a taste improvement.

☼ Whatever is placed in the centre of the Sun will be broadcast into the room and into your food and beverage.

Suggestions: vitamins, food supplements,
gemstones, essential oils, intention notes.

☼ Place the Sun on sore or weak areas of your body.
Leave as long as feels appropriate.

☼ Place the Sun in your bath water.
Enjoy a relaxing bath.

☼ Hang the Sun on a wall to fill the room with
“Sunshine Energy”.
The Krystaline Rings structure water. Structured water releases stable oxygen and it delivers this oxygen to the cells to a greater degree than ordinary water. Structuring lowers the surface tension of water, which greatly improves its’ hydrating properties. Smaller molecules lower surface tension and make a huge difference when it comes to absorption. Water preferred by human cells is structured into small clusters containing 5 to 20 molecules. The Sun Ring structures 9 levels deep. The deeper the structuring, the more complex the clustering of the molecules. This creates very small clusters, and gives the water a very high potency to do what it does much better.

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