Divinity Rings


It is a universal symbol that has appeared throughout recorded history and it transcends all cultures. It is iconographical in Australia, the Americas, Asia , Africa and Europe. This basic shape has been known as the Medicine Wheel, the True Cross, the Sacred Hoop, the Sacred Circle, the Wheel Cross and the Circle Cross. The meanings attributed to this symbol have been as varied as its’ name. It has been known to represent the four directions, the four races, the four stages of human growth ( from baby to elder), the four cycles of life throughout creation, the four elements, and the four seasons.


The Krystaline Divinity Ring utilizes the principles of sacred geometry and piezoelectric fields. Each Ring is hand crafted with brass rod and is then plated with various precious metals. Two options are provided for the final layer of plating – 24 carat gold or platinum. Gold provides a feminine energy while the platinum provides a masculine energy. At different times, we will resonate more to one than the other.   The Divinity Rings are effective in pairs.  All rings are available in  4 inch or  9 inch diameter. The Divinity Ring assists the integration of spiritual energies into our conscious awareness and our physical being.

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